Tips to improve the way you search online for better RESULTS

As the internet continues to grow with every passing second, the amount of content available online — such as text, pictures and even high-definition multimedia — keeps on increasing. The biggest problem we face, however, is accessing all this information when we need it.

This is where search engines come in. Most of us tend to use the usual services — Bing, Google and Yahoo. But did you know that there’s more to web search than just these big names? Here’s a quick primer that will help you…

1.) Meta search
For better results, Use of meta search engines, || which pull data from multiple services, eliminate duplicates, and use their own algorithms to reorder the results.

Here you could look at: (queries Google and Yahoo) (Altavista, Entireweb, Gigablast and Yahoo, among other services) (Bing, Blekko, DMOZ aka Open Directory and Google).

If you’re looking for multimedia, you could use This site is not a meta search engine in itself, but lets you query services such as Flickr, Fotopedia, Google Images, Open Clip Art Gallery and Pixabay for images; Jamendo, ccMixter and SoundCloud for music; and YouTube for videos.

2.) Natural language search

Here you can ask questions in spoken English, try This engine understands queries in natural language to give you exactly the kind of result you were looking for.
3.) Social search

Searching websites is one thing, but trawling blogs, social networks and tweets for content is quite something else. Simply type your keyword or phrase, and you can then select from any one of its tabs: Blogs, Twitter etc. It’s a great way to keep an eye on what’s trending on the interweb.
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Blog by- Arvind Bansal (Director at BigDream Info services Pvt.Ltd.) INDIA
Edit by- Himanshu (Founder at !regal TECh).

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